Why “Arquitectura | 20” name?

ARQUITECTURA | 20 (spanish for ARCHITECTURE | 20) has its origin in the previous blog called “Inquietudes a los 20” (Inquietudes at 20 years) created in 2007, before 20 years of life, expressing the architectural and artistic concerns in the context of the southern Chile, that from my birth were increasing. At that time, there were many influences to make a blog, such as my teacher of the subject of Color at the Universidad Austral de Chile University (Color-Arte-Arquitectura, Elisa Cordero), and the blog of a classmate with his blog “Azul Al Cubo” (Cristian San Martín), from Valdivia, Chile.

The name change to ARQ | 20 arose from the idea of taking away a bit that meaning very personal to the blog that it was becoming public and oriented to the vernacular architecture, so I called “Architecture” because this element builds the space, and other items that complement it. The “20” is to remind the founder blog, and is also the year that I begin to have an awareness of the architectural environment.

About the Author:::::

Raúl Israel Meza Lorca
Chonchi, Chiloé, Región de Los Lagos, Chile

Mails: arquitecturaveinte@gmail.com      –        rimezalorca@gmail.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/arquitectura20/ –         www.twitter.com/rimezalorca/

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/raulisrael/

I was born on Oct. 29, 1987 in the city port of San Antonio, Valparaíso Region, Chile. I grew up between land, sea, ocean waves and fruits, and despite the growing unemployment there I enjoyed it. I was restless, because the 4 I liked going to the city even ran away from home, and also I climbed trees.

In 1994, for some reason and not knowing what to expect, we moved to the city of Chonchi on the big island of Chiloé (Isla grande de Chiloé), in southern Chile. This island is a magic and mysterious land, with a moist and rainy climate, and there I grew between gossipy but nice people, between crabapples, between channels sea and between small islands. And I always liked to go to the city and draw it.

In 2006, after wandering and indecisions, I went into Architecture at Universidad Austral de Chile in Valdivia… again I should get used to another city: river, wet and noisy. And in 2007, by borrowing from other creations and suggestions, I built this blog called Concerns at 20 (Inquietudes a los 20), where I wanted to show my ideas and projects of life as a student and as southern chilean resident then I break the blog and named it as “Architecture | 20” in memory of the previous blog.



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